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PDE has finally published the rubrics and accompanying documents to support the educator evaluation system initiated by Act 82.  The documents (in PDF format) can be found at:-


On that page you will find the rubric for Home and School Visitors in the section entitled “Specialists” and the sub-section “Approved Rubrics” and the next sub-section (“Guiding Questions to support dialogue between specialist and supervising administrator”) you will find the guiding questions for “Home and School Visitor” (sic).  This document actually is the guiding questions for both HSVs and Social Workers.


You will find the rubric for School Social Workers toward the bottom of the main page in the section entitled “Other Optional Resources” and sub section entitled “Rubrics to support the evaluation of licensed professionals”.  Again the “Guiding Questions” for Social Workers actually is to be found under the respective Home and School Visitor link.


We are hosting a discussion board for questions and comments about the rubrics and their application – click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to leave your feedback!





Friday, September 12, 2014 11:40 AM| Anonymous

I’m looking forward to hearing PASSWP members thoughts on these rubrics and their applications! I’ll be checking back to hear more from everyone about these topics…

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