Studying homelessness

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SSW & HSVs needed to participate in survey

Homelessness is a problem that is very difficult to combat, partly because it is so hard to obtain accurate information about the homeless. We are sending this survey to a very wide range of professionals in order to learn more about who comes into contact with the homeless, under what circumstances, and what patterns they see. Even reporting that you do not come in contact with the homeless is helpful, so please consider participating regardless of your amount of involvement with this issue.  By participating you can help increase our understanding of and ability to combat this problem. Just click here to access the surveyPlease feel free to contact Heather S. Feldhaus, Ph.D. if you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of the report.  


Heather S. Feldhaus, Ph.D,

Director, Bloomsburg University Center for Community Research and Consulting


315 Bakeless Center Bloomsburg, PA 17815 

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