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Since 1978, PASSWP has been actively involved in the professional education of Home & School Visitors and School Social Workers in Pennsylvania.

Our Board works with the Department of Education, and other professional organizations, to stay on the cutting edge of trends in the field.  We look to experts to provide training for the school social workers and home and school visitors who are delivering critical support services to students across the Commonwealth.

We are devoted to maintaining the highest possible standards for school social work personnel employed in our schools.  To that end, we work with Schools of Social Work and programs that provide education for Home & School Visitors in colleges and universities located within our state.

PASSWP strives to offer a variety of continuing education options and networking opportunities for our members and the broader social services community.



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A number of years ago, I attended a school social worker’s conference in Philadelphia as a graduate student volunteer.  I ended up spending lunch one day in the Pennsylvania Association of School Social Work Personnel area and speaking to a gentleman about his passion for school social work/home and school visitors and the organization sponsoring the space that day.  His passion for the work that he did with students and their families every day pulled me in to participate in PASSWP as a student volunteer and soon after as the newsletter editor.  It’s the passion I saw in that SSW/HSV that I spoke with that day and each and every other single school social worker/home and school visitor that reaches hundreds and thousands of students across Pennsylvania that keeps me going when I feel isolated in my position as the only school social worker in my school. 

And many of us across the state are one or a few in our school or district.  I’m honored to be a part of PASSWP, an organization that supports school social workers/home and school visitors in serving Pennsylvania’s school age children.  PASSWP offers us opportunities to connect with one another in the work that we do daily.  Through PASSWP, connections with other professionals in the work that we do daily can happen through conferences, regional trainings, and PASSWP’s website and social media sites.

As a member, you will be able to access our Membership Database and find colleagues that can help you with a question or make a connection. You will also have access to up-to-date information about developments in the field that impact your work.  Remember that you also can be a resource for colleagues and the wider profession.  We hope that this website and our other PASSWP social media sites can serve as resources for our PASSWP members to connect with one another and with the PASSWP organization.  We hope that this organization can help to serve you as a school social worker/home and school visitor in your role in your district, IU, agency or school. 

Welcome to PASSWP- veteran members, new members and fellow school social workers and home and school visitors across Pennsylvania!


Pia Houseal-Allport, MSS, HSV, LSW





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